Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stock Suggestions - Mining, Commodities - Tiny Caps

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The Goombarh
Precious Metals, Miners And Commodities Are The Sectors To Be In

Once in a while, one comes across a good post that just seems to hit the nail on the head.  This posting by Dr. Duru on Seeking Alpha is one of them:
Now, one has to be careful about listening to only information that re-affirms one's own thoughts,
I presently hold positions in the following
Vast Exploration (VSTFF, TSX:VST) is partnered with NIKO Resources (NKRSF) who is testing their oil/gas prospect in Kurdistan, Iraq.  This stock has dropped over 60% on this news release July 11, 2011.  The Goombarh has just tripled his holdings, due to the intermittent oil found and possible deepening of hole to test the Kometan formation.


  1. You thinking about buying some Franco Nevada warrants?

  2. Yes, I am thinking, and in hindsight, the great buy time was a few weeks ago. Only issue with me, is that I am tight for funds. So many opps and so little cash. Maybe with a bit of luck, sometime will work out.

    Marco G.

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