Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Dope on International Frontier Resources IFR, IFRTF

PS:  more dope on this:
From: czechmate
7/27/2011 12:29:26 PM
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Alright, I have posted on here previously on IFR, rumour has it that Rosetta well hit 2300 bbls, IFR has royalties on this and other drillers in area...... its all in this presentation..........
To: czechmate who wrote (6051)
7/27/2011 12:38:13 PM
From: diddlysquatz
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I'm in IFR.V as well thanks to you Czechmate and I have heard the same type of rumour of Rosetta success. If it proves to be true IFR ground skyrockets in value. IFR land was purchased for about $180 an acre. MVW.V just purchased some land east of IFR for about $1600 per acre. 
If Rosetta has hit this kind of well then IFR land should be worth much more than $1600/acre. IFR has 17,000 acres in the area. Doing the math gives a much higher share price.

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