Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sample email sent March 14, 2011

Sample email sent March 14, 2011

Goombarh 42 - Mar 14, 2011
Good morning,
I have seen so many optimistic gold/Silver commentaries, that I feel a comment from the Goombarh may be in order.

My situation is different this year, than last.  Last year, I was taking further risks to reap the opportunity that I saw from the rising metals/mining markets, that were driven by the rising regular markets.  This year, I am sitting on sizable gains from last year, plus decent gains from some good decisions in the fall and early this year.  Therefore, my main aim at present is not for max gains but to preserve the gains already reaped.

As those who looked at Ken Fisher's commentary will know, he forecasts a stock picker's year; in other words, you have to make the right moves; do not expect everything to continue to move up.  Right now, I am cautious, as the SLX, copper and the TSX-v are indicating a fall in the general markets coming, similar to April of 2010; where everything declined until mid-Summer, for the next move up in the general markets.  Also Gold/Silver declined until July.  Therefore, my take, is that most of this optimistic commentary, of staying the course in regular markets or Gold/Silver may be wrong, and if you are in the market, right now, you need to be conscious that there may be declines ahead.

This may seem like heresy to you, but I am presently out of my two favorite stocks (regular followers will know which two that I mean).  I am not against these stocks, and I will buy them again, but I just think that possibly there will be lower prices ahead for them, and I do not want to risk my previous gains by holding them.  This timing is just not right for gains in these two presently.  The gains will come later this year.

As for holdings right now, I am holding the 3 small miners with small stock prices and small market capitalization:  Adex Mining, Belvedere Mining and Zaruma Resources.   I am also holding core positions in Tarsis Resources, Shore Gold, Atac Resources, Anvel Gold, Victoria Gold, Western Zagros, Primary Petroleum, Almaden Resources, Canadian Zinc, Selwyn Resources and  Gold Port Resources. 

What is the difference with these small guys?  Mainly, they are speculative, and I am holding for possible upsides.

I am holding larger positions in HOD (double bear Oil), HMD (double bear Mining) and HED (double Bear oil equities).

I am also trading Goldcorp warrants.

Attached are three charts showing why I am a bear presently.

Until next time,
Marco G.


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  2. Marco...why aren't you holding a position in Silvermex? I read in one of your previous posts that you were constructive on them...

  3. The Goombarh makes moves as the situation dictates. Yes, I am very big on Silvermex.

    I was holding Silvermex and sold prior to the drop. After the drop the Goombarh sees Silver as opportunity and Silvermex as a bargain.

    Therefore Silvermex is now one of my largest postions.

    Things may change again, one cannot be married to a stock.

    Marco G.

  4. PS: I am out of the double bear stuff now, HOD, HED, HMD