Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Small Cap Explorers for Fall Bull Run

For the smaller mining and resources equities, that are riskier, but that have had recent news, I presently hold positions in the following, in alphabetical order:

Avnel Gold Mining (AVNZF, TSX:AVK) is partnered with IAMGOLD (IAG) in their Kalana Gold mine in Mali, Africa.  IAMGOLD is the project operator.   Recent news.

Compliance Energy (CPYCF, TSX:CEC) is partnered with Itochu Corp. and LG International for 60% of the Raven coal deposit on Vancouver Island, Canada. Compliance also holds 17% of Copper Mountain, which just has started producing copper concentrate.  Recent news.

CuOro Resources (CRUOF, TSX:CUA) is drilling a high grade copper/gold sulphide prospect in Columbia.  Recent news. The Goombarh believes the history of this property bodes well for the company future.

Ethiopian Potash (ETPHF, TSX:FED) is a potash explorer in the Danakil Basin of Ethiopia.  They are adjacent to Allana Potash Corp (ALLRF) and South Boulder Mines (SBMSF) of Australia.  The deposit that they are looking to confirm is shallow, suitable for open pit extraction.  Recent news.

Primary Petroleum (PETEF, TSX:PIE) is a oil/gas explorer active in the Bakken formation in Alberta and Montana.  They hold large sections of prospective properties.  Recent news.

Tarsis Resources (TARSF, TSX:TCC) is a gold/metals project generator and explorer active in Mexico and the Yukon.  Kinross Gold has taken a 10% share of this company.  Recent news.

Tuscany International Drilling(TIDZF, TSX:TID) is a growing drilling services provider focused on South America and Africa.  They have just initiated a second acquisition to increase their service potential.  The Goombarh believes drilling services equities are much undervalued.

Vast Exploration (VSTFF, TSX:VST) is partnered with NIKO Resources (NKRSF) who is testing their oil/gas prospect in Kurdistan, Iraq.  This stock has dropped over 60% on this news release July 11, 2011.  The Goombarh has just tripled his holdings, due to the intermittent oil found and possible deepening of hole to test the Kometan formation..

Westernzagros Resources (WZGRF, TSX:WZR) is partnered with Talisman Energy (TLM) and has hit oil in Kurdistan, Iraq.  Westernzagros will drilling a their Mil Qasim - 1 prospect in the 3rd quarter and Talisman will be redrilling their Kurdamir 2 prospect by 4th quarter.

The investor is advised to perform their own due diligence as these small cap investments are risky.  For investing in these smaller mining and resources equities, I am expecting that most will turn out to dwindle to nothing but if only one exhibits good price appreciation, that will do just fine. 

Important Disclaimer
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