Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bakken Frenzy - Rosetta and Newfield Sitting on Good News

Bakken Frenzy - Rosetta and Newfield Sitting on Good News
Goombarh 66 - August 3, 2011
Good day,
The Goombarh has sensed a developing frenzy in the western Bakken formation, the area of the Alberta Bakken part of the Willingston Basin in Northwestern Monana and Southern Alberta. 
Here are some useful links for background information:

As this evolving situation fits my thesis for investment, namely:
1.  Big Trend - Oil
2.  Smaller Trend - Alberta Bakken
3.  Companies with news - Newfield and Rosetta sitting on good news.
4.  Smaller priced stocks - Small Alberta Bakken players
5.  Marginal players - can only go up; incredible hit percentage for Bakken drillers over 50%.  (not like mining at all)
6.  Companies judged on growth aspects rather than absolute value.

Therefore I think there will be much room to run for small Bakken stocks.  So, I am selling some of my mining, commodities to re-deploy in the following (and I have already taken positions in):
International Frontier Resources (IFR, IFRTF)
Guardian Exploration (GX, GUEXF)
Stetson Oil and Gas (SSN, SSNOF)
Mountainview Energy (MVW, MNVWF)
Primary Petroleum (PIE, PETEF)
Vecta Energy (VER, VCTEF)

Until next time,
Marco G.

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  1. I'd like to make a stock recommendation that I've had a good experience with: Strata Oil & Gas. They are a junior oil stock company that is engaged in the exploration and development of Alberta (Canada) oil sands resources. They are currently trading as a penny oil stock. Seems like a good buy at the current stock price.

    This is their web site: