Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gold Junior Mining Report - Canaccord

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As summer begins, Gold is hitting new heights as uncertainty about Greece reins.  Do not worry, it is not only Greece that is affecting the Gold/Silver prices, but the buying powers of the new middle and upper classes in the emerging economies;  they will not let the precious metals prices fall, before buying in.

Canaccord is the latest of a few commentators that are remarking on the bargains in the junior miners sector.  This situation is while gold and silver prices are at new highs, the prices of the mining stocks are at lows unseen since before the run-up.  This is a buying opportunity, as by fall, these juniors will be hot again, being sought by the broader investment public.

Therefore pick carefully among the ruins of these Juniors.  Did you see the run-up of US Silver a few days ago.  Great Basin Gold is doing its run-up today.  

Thanks to reader AJF for the Canaccord report.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Faber on the Economy - China and US going Forward

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Here's the view of another important observer, Faber.

It is remarkable how their ingrained pre-disposition comes through and shape their interpretation of the world events.  Contrast his views with Rogers.

However, Faber makes an important point about both emerging and established economies in that the disconnect between the wealthy and the poor is increasing.  So growth is happening at the high end.  The have-nots are being left further behind.

As Faber says, I am also not a social commentator, I am merely trying to see where the markets are heading in the near term.

Marco G.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Goombarh Notes from Cambridge Vancouver Mining Show – June 7, 2011

Goombarh Notes from Cambridge Vancouver Mining Show – June 7, 2011

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Thought I would drop you all a line, from companies that caught my eye at the Cambridge sponsored Vancouver Convention Centre Resources show this past weekend.

I will be short on details, as this is just first pass, and I am handling this writing remotely, from memory and without notes, away from my usual office.

CuOro Resources (TSX- V, CUA)

Saint Elena project in Columbia, next to roads and power, impressed me with their copper/zinc grades in a massive sulphide and porphyry with manto environment and informal workings.  Also with only 38 million diluted shares out and a price of $2.10, giving a market cap of $80 million with $25 million from recent PPs also help.  This impressed me so much, I already own shares.  Here is a recent press release:

Merrex Gold (TSX-V, MXI)

Merrex is JV’d with IAMGold in Mali, West Africa working on their Siribaya Gold prospect strike that is yet to be drilled to the other end.  There is a second target, longer length, yet to be tested.  There are 135 million shares diluted with a price of 50 cents presently.  Their land claims are very large.  I spoke with the technical supervisor.  I will probably be buying soon on this one.  Here is a recent press release on Merrex: 

Catalyst Copper (TSX-V - CCY)

Catalyst seems to have a very large porphyry copper, gold, moly target amenable to two large pits in Mexico in their la Verde project.  The striking thing was the long long lengths of their drill hits from this project optioned from Teck of  400 to 800 meters.  Take a look at the pit shell diagram in document included with the PR.  I spoke with their CEO, who was responsible for $1.2 billion of capital for a previous project.  The likelihood of this project is that Teck or someone else will come and buyout.  I am interested in this one.  Here is a recent press release:

Comstock Mining (OTC- LODE.ob)

They have consolidated the previous hundreds of Silver/Gold workings at Comstock and are planning production by year-end.  They are looking at 20,000 ounces of Gold equivalent with inexpensive capital costs of heap leach for about $35 million.  They are planning an AMEX listing, which got my attention.  Recent news:

Global Minerals (TSX-V, CTG)

This company is reworking an old iron ore mine in Slovakia and finding Silver, Copper and Antimony in adjacent veins.  With infrastructure, mining staff, and partnership with Esperanza Resources, this one caught my eye also.  Has 85 million shares fully diluted at 85 cents.  Recent news:

International Lithium (TSX-v, ILC)

Lithium and potassium in brines in an old lake (Mariana project) high plateau area in Argentina.  A Chinese battery manufacturer is holding 10% of this recently listed venture (65 million shares, and priced at .27 cents right now).  Recent news:

Sama Resources (TSX-v,  SME)

Nickel Copper project in the Ivory Coast.  Diluted 65 million shares at 50 cents.  Recent news:

Great Quest Metals (TSX-v, GQ)

This is a Gold and Phosphate explorer in Mali.  The stock price is $3.89, but the key interest for me, is the phosphate possibilities that has driven this stock, and not just this stock for me, but I can relate that to Ethiopian Potash (FED) which I already hold.  Recent news:

In summary, there was a lot of companies exhibiting, but I was trying to find the ones that were under followed and not popular, but that exhibited strong potential.

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Marco G.