Friday, August 5, 2011

Alberta Bakken - Much Potential

Alberta Bakken - Much Potential

Found a March 2011 report on the region and the players in that area.  The report is good background, considering it is now 5 months later.  Still, very useful, and I would recommend that investors in the area, should carefully digest the contents.

Extract from this report:

Technical factors in favour of the play:

1. source rock;
2. extensive hydrocarbon saturation;
3. in the oil window;
4. overpressure;
5. fracture enhancement;
6. reservoir;
7. formation penetrations;
8. log, core, cutting, and drill stem test analyses;
9. historical production precedents;
10. recent perforation and test sample;
11. recent production data; and
12. regionalization.

Industry factors that support the play:
1. land acquisition activity;
2. multiple parties;
3. multiple drilling licenses; and
4. Bakken-experienced operators.

Here is the link to the Scotia report on the Alberta Bakken:
This report only serves to support my own conviction on the potential in this area.  I have purchased more shares of juniors in the area.

PS:  Found another recent Alberta Bakken presentation at June Petro-Geo Conference, available here:

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