Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gold Junior Mining Report - Canaccord

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As summer begins, Gold is hitting new heights as uncertainty about Greece reins.  Do not worry, it is not only Greece that is affecting the Gold/Silver prices, but the buying powers of the new middle and upper classes in the emerging economies;  they will not let the precious metals prices fall, before buying in.

Canaccord is the latest of a few commentators that are remarking on the bargains in the junior miners sector.  This situation is while gold and silver prices are at new highs, the prices of the mining stocks are at lows unseen since before the run-up.  This is a buying opportunity, as by fall, these juniors will be hot again, being sought by the broader investment public.

Therefore pick carefully among the ruins of these Juniors.  Did you see the run-up of US Silver a few days ago.  Great Basin Gold is doing its run-up today.  

Thanks to reader AJF for the Canaccord report.

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