Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gold, Metal, Commodities Exploration Juniors to Keep Eye Upon

Goombarh 63 - May 26, 2011
Good day,

Well, the time for the summer break has come, whether the Gold market takes a rest or not.  Gold appears headed for a further high before summer, but the Juniors are not following along.  Some top Gold and Silver names may tag along for a ride, but that is not my market.  I am out of the Goldcorp warrants now, as the time for expiration on June 9th draws nigh.  I will be cherry picking a few exploration juniors over the next 3 months, as I selectively re-deploy cash levels.

The Venture Index is heading back higher (after dropping to Oct 2010 levels), but I suspect that to be a head fake, as the commodities have all sold off.  The main TSX is back to Feb 2011 levels.  The Shanghai index has fallen back to Oct 2010 and Feb 2010 levels, so I suspect, there needs to be a major driver to restart the commodities metals push, and that will not happen until late summer.

The main S&P appears to chug along, and may continue to move higher, contrary to the pundits calling for a top.  Again, that is not my market.

I repeat from my last note, here is what I will be looking at:
·         select exploration juniors
·         good stocks at good prices (GBG & SLX)
·         best of the best gold stocks (RLGD, FNV, & GG), through warrants possibly
·         Agriculture ETFs - DAG, CORN, JO,

Here is a listing of stocks that I hold and will be keeping an eye upon, in no particular order:

Ethiopian Potash
Zaruma Resources
Primary Petroleum
Avnel Gold Mining
Southern Hemisphere
Belvedere Resources
Westernzagros Resources
Vast Resources
Tarsis Resources
Compliance Energy
Selwyn Resources
Argex Mining
US Silver
Canadian Zinc
Great Basin Gold
Franco Nevada
Victoria Gold
Excellon Resources
Crazy Horse Resources
Atac Resources
Adex Mining

In summary, my postings for the next while will be sparse.  May the sun shine on you and bring good fortune to you all in all your endeavours

Until next time,
Marco G.

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