Friday, April 8, 2011

Goombarh Gets Luck with Century Mines - up 20%

Sometimes, one gets lucky, ya buys a stock and next day it starts moving.
Century Mining has the high-grade Lamaque mine in Quebec Canada, but try as they might, the ore even though high grade veins is ornery to mine consistently for a profit.
Now their San Juan mine in Peru, has regulatory sniffing around their tailings dam, causing stoppage and concern.
Well, what better to buy, during a Gold spike, than a beaten down Gold mienr?
Marco G.

Goombarh Flash 20,  April 6th, 2011
Quick flash to you.

Century Mining (CMNZF, TSX:CMM), has fallen 12% on the back of news in Peru, curtailing mining temporarily:

Now, previously, this Russian White Tiger Gold was going to buy them out:

I haven't done my full DD, but this company was what saved me in the 2008 crash coming back from 2 cents.

Gold mine with 2 operations both high grades supported by Gravity of Fran Scola, when Gold is hitting all time highs?  I believe all the bad news is now out.  Only up from here.

Disclosure:  I have bought shares.

Until next time,
Marco G.

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