Monday, September 20, 2010

Silver Stock Status - Up

Silver Stocks Status - Up

The author is especially upbeat this morning, as his “Six Silver Stocks” article was selected the Editor’s Pick on the Seeking Alpha investment site for over the weekend. This resulted in the article being the second most popular article on that same site. This article was also posted on  There was quite a few hundred reads on that also.  Now all this is gratifying, but what is the status of my Silver stocks that I hold and mentioned in that article?

Figure 1: SLV Silver ETF on morning Sep 20, 2010

Well a check of the Charts in early morning Monday, September 20th, 2010 reveals that Silver has moved modestly upwards. We are using the SLV ETF as a proxy for the Silver prices.

Figure 2: USA, US Silver Corp on the morning of Sep 20 2010. Note that the National Inflation Association has just issued a recommendation for USA on their website

The charts show an 18% movement upwards for USA. It seems that the National Inflation Association of the US has just issued a buy recommendation for US Silver Corp. Trading this morning was brisk with upwards of 3 million shares changed hands in the first two hours.

Figure 3: GGC, Genco Resources chart on the morning of Sep 20, 2010. Note that Genco has a trading halt for important news.

Genco Resources chart shows a 17% movement upwards, before a trading halt was issued by the regulator. This may be news coming of a new mining CEO found for this company.

Figure 4: CZN, Canadian Zinc chart for morning of Sep 20, 2010.

Canadian Zinc’s chart is showing a 19% movement upwards this morning.

Now, it is quite interesting that all three small Silver stocks mentioned in the “Six Silver Stocks” article made some movement, after the article was published. Coincidences’ always happen don’t they. Anyways, I am glad for the readers’ comments and emails.  I think I deserve a hot dog and coffee.

I wish all you readers Silver Success!

Marco G.

The author is long Canadian Zinc (, CZICF), US Silver Corp (USA.v, USSIF), and Genco Resources (GGC, GGCRF)

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